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Contractors with Homes Available in Highland Meadows

highland community builders

Highland Community Builders, Inc. — Using Green Building
Techniques to build Quality Homes at a Moderate Price

Highland Community Builders believes that environmentally sensitive development and moderately-priced housing can go hand in hand. HCB incorporates Green Building principles and techniques into its construction, reducing environmental impacts and providing a quality-built home that can increase energy efficiency by 25% over the average stick built home. And we do it all for a price that you can afford.

HCB’s quality construction practices not only provide you a comfortable and long-lasting home, they save you money, too. The cost of a home is more than just the price you pay for the home and the monthly mortgage payment; it is also the long term operating costs of your home – that’s monthly utility payments, maintenance and future repairs. As those costs rise in the future, you’ll be saving even more each year.

HCB homes feature:

  • Tight construction and building envelope to eliminate drafts and to protect against cold and heat
  • Conditioned crawl space to protect against moisture and improve indoor air quality
  • ENERGY STAR, low-e windows to reduce heating and cooling costs
  • ENERGY STAR appliances to reduce energy use

Download complete list of the Green Building techniques and materials offered by Highland Community Builders.

Highland Community Builders is proud to be building in the Highland Meadows neighborhood. The Highland Meadows values of quality-built homes, energy efficiency, and value pricing fit perfectly with those of HCB. HCB wants to help you make Highland Meadows your new neighborhood by providing you with professional construction planning services, a low-stress building process, and a home you and your family will love for years to come.

Contact Highland Community Builders.

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